Atlanta is a big city with big businesses and corporations that pay well for web design and maintenance. In fact, small businesses often take a back seat when it comes to web site maintenance and design because of the great expense and big budgets in the Atlanta economy.

Website Maintenance for Small Business in Atlanta

7 Mile Web Studio is different. We service small business in Atlanta and North Georgia with affordable on-going website maintenance services for WordPress sites.  Management plans starts at $19 per month and there are options that can be tailored to your small business needs.  We can help keep your site software and content up-to-date in order to please your customers and Google. We offer services that provide a first level of defense in the battle to hinder hackers and the installation of malware by keeping site backups, regular software updates, and more.

Do you need a service that will help keep your site content fresh?  7 Mile Web Studio can help.  We can post content and graphics that you provide, or we can regularly contract with writers that will provide great content at an affordable price.

Are you looking for some very basic SEO? 7 Mile Web Studio can update the Meta-Titles, Meta Descriptions, On-site Anchor Links. and tweak your content to fit your goals for search engines.

Your small business doesn’t need to get left behind on the web anymore. Just contact us using the form on the page below, and we will give you a phone call to personally discuss your small business website needs.

Keep Your Website Working.

After your site is live on the internet, there is always more work to do in order to keep your site running from day-to-day.  Keeping your WordPress Core and Plugins up-to-date helps secure your site, especially when security enhancements or fixes are added to the software.  Keeping your content fresh and relevant on a regular basis for your customers is now an absolute must if you want to maintain your listing in search engines like Google or Bing.  Get help today!