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WordPress Website Management

WordPress is used by 42% of the websites on the internet (WordPress.org, July 2021).  With regular software updates to the WP Core, plugin and themes, it is an absolute must that you frequently keep up with the changes. 7 Mile Web Studio can help with a Proactive WordPress  Website Management Service.


WordPress Software Updates

WordPress Core, Theme, and Plugin Updates

Keeping the WordPress Core, themes, and plugins on your site is an extremely important action to take on a regular basis.  These updates often include improvements made for site functions and security.  They occur rather frequently so 7 MIle Web Studio monitors your site daily and keeps the site software updated at least once a week and sometimes even more often depending on the urgency of the developer’s software changes.

Weekly Off-site Backups

Your website pages are obiviously important for your small business marketing. Any loss of your website could set you back financially, especially if you don’t have a recent backup of your site.  7 Mile Web Studio stores a weekly copy of your website backup off-site.  We can restore your site from the backup, if something like the following goes wrong:

  • Hosting server crash
  • Software updates bring the site down
  • Malware found on the site
  • Your site gets hacked


website backup
vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability Checking

7 Mile Web Studio uses services to monitori your site for plugins that could your site vulnerable to malware and hacking. When a vulnerability is identified we take proactive action to address the problem.

Malware Scanning and Monitoring

7 Mile Web Studio installs a malware scanning plugin on your site and regularly monitors the scan results for potential malware infections.  If malware is detected, we work to remove it.  If desired, we can install a premium version of the malware scanning software at an additional cost.  The premium version offers earlier detection of some malware infections.

firewall monitoring

Site Firewall Monitoring

7 Mile Web Studio installs a plugin to Monitor and block attempts to hack your site.  The popularity of WordPress makes it a great target for hackers.  They will attempt to login to your site or hack any vulnerabilities the can find.  The site firewall plugin works proactively to block those attempts.  7 Mile Web Studio will monitor the firewall for any potential issues.

Database Optimization

Changes to posts and pages, spammy comments, unused tags and categories often lead to bloated database tables for your website.  We have maintenance software that removes the database bloat on a regular basis to keep your site running smoothly.

database optimization

Security Tweaks

Sometimes the installation of new plugins and themes requires minor adjustments that affect site security.  Our website management software will make those adjustments for you on a regular basis when they are identified.


Uptime Monitoring

Your site hosting will be monitored 24/7 to make sure it is up and running.  If the site goes down, we receive a notification and will check to see if any action is needed to get it back up.

post comment monitoring

Post and Comment Monitoring

7 Mile Web Studio receives information on your site posts and comments. We can monitor those posts and comments to remove attempts by malicious actors to infect your site with undesired links or redirects.